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Card and Grandfather Clock for My Mom’s 70th Birthday

4 Dec

This week my wonderful mother turned 70 years young!  Happy Birthday Mom!  Here is the card I made for her…

Mom's Matching Birthday Card

Mom’s Matching Birthday Card

Mom's Birthday Card Inside

Mom's Birthday Card Front View

And here is the video on it…

We had a wonderful party and I took on a project.  My mother has always loved grandfather clocks.  She has a full-sized one that we have had forever.  I decided to make one for her special birthday.  It was an undertaking, but I got it done…

70th Birthday Clock

70th Birthday Clock

I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out!  She loved it.  Everyone at the party loved it.  I love it.  I used a Paper Phenomen/Kathy Orta tutorial.  For the most part it was great but there were a few things left off the cutting guide which meant I had to go back and cut more chipboard.  I had to make a couple other adjustments and added some added support in places, but it worked out.  I will warn you, picture overload is coming.  It was a bit difficult to photograph and film, so I hope you can get the just of it.  In person, it is absolutely gorgeous.  To find out the materials I used, please watch the video I will have at the end of the post.  Now for the photos…

70th Birthday Clock - The Beginning

70th Birthday Clock – The Beginning

The Clock  - Bases in the Making

The Clock - Column Pieces

The Clock - Making Columns

The Clock - First Third in the Making

The Clock - Making the Door

The Clock - Getting There

The Clock - All the Pieces

The Clock Almost Done

The Clock no Pendelum

70th Birthday Clock Back

70th Birthday Clock Back

70th Birthday Clock Side

70th Birthday Clock Side

70th Birthday Clock Top Decoration
Yes, this is a real working clock!  I purchased the mechanism from JoAnn Fabrics.

70th Birthday Clock Face

70th Birthday Clock Close Up Butterflies
This sections opens as shown above.  A mini album that I still have to make will go inside.  I will post it when I get a change to get it made.  It will house photos from her birthday party.

70th Birthday Clock Lower Portion Detail

70th Birthday Clock Bling Closures

70th Birthday Clock Flower Close Up

The Clock at the Birthday Party

The Clock at the Birthday Party

Now here is the video for more details.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

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