Flip Book Swap on Crafters with Artitude on Facebook

5 Mar
Flip Book Cover

Flip Book Cover

I made my first Flip Book!  I participated in a one-on-one swap with Kamisha who is VisionsofParis115 on YouTube through the Facebook Group Crafters with Artitute!  I had just learned about flip books when the swap went up so I thought what better way to jump in.  In a way, the flip book is the new pocket letter.

I decided that I wanted my book to be more than a pen pal letter so I went more of a photo book route with it and I hope Kamisha is ok with the direction I chose.  Here are some pictures…

My FIrst Flip Book - First Page

Inside Cover

My FIrst Flip Book - Three Page Spread

Pages Open

My FIrst Flip Book - Opened Completely

Opened Completely

My First Flip Book - Back

Back of Flip Book

I like the way it turned out.  Here is a video explaining more of the details…

And here is the video of the book Kamisha made for me…


One Response to “Flip Book Swap on Crafters with Artitude on Facebook”

  1. Regina March 6, 2016 at 4:46 pm #

    this is awesome

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