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Flip Book Swap on Crafters with Artitude on Facebook

5 Mar
Flip Book Cover

Flip Book Cover

I made my first Flip Book!  I participated in a one-on-one swap with Kamisha who is VisionsofParis115 on YouTube through the Facebook Group Crafters with Artitute!  I had just learned about flip books when the swap went up so I thought what better way to jump in.  In a way, the flip book is the new pocket letter.

I decided that I wanted my book to be more than a pen pal letter so I went more of a photo book route with it and I hope Kamisha is ok with the direction I chose.  Here are some pictures…

My FIrst Flip Book - First Page

Inside Cover

My FIrst Flip Book - Three Page Spread

Pages Open

My FIrst Flip Book - Opened Completely

Opened Completely

My First Flip Book - Back

Back of Flip Book

I like the way it turned out.  Here is a video explaining more of the details…

And here is the video of the book Kamisha made for me…

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